Belted Galloways living free

Low-cholesterol, lean, natural meat from free-range animals raised on pasture and hay.
No commercial feeds, therefore no chance of BSE. No hormones. No antibiotics. No pesticides.
Green Arpents Belted Galloways, enjoying life
Green Arpents 
Belted Galloways
The Americas' oldest herd of the world's most beautiful cattle

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    Healthy meat
    from happy lives


    We thank the Great Creator and all living things. When we kill a deer, we thank it for its life. When we cut a tree, we thank it for its life.
    Kahnawake Mohawk Chief 
    John Curotte

    Safe, Natural Meat
    The oldest continuous herd of Belted Galloways outside Great Britain lives at Green Arpents, an hour outside Montreal, Canada. It is a closed herd, meaning that all the animals sold here are born here, and no cattle are brought in from outside the farm (save for a lucky bull every dozen years or so).

    Green Arpents Belties are never fed commercial feeds, the likely source of contamination leading to the deadly BSE in cattle and Creutzfeld-Jacob disease in the humans who eat them.

    Pesticide-free pasture and hay grown right here are the diet of Green Arpents Belties. Mineral salt blocks and clean water keep them happy ( . . . well, at least when they're not smelling the neighbours' corn).

    No growth hormones are given. Belties are short, tough, compact little guys and we like them that way . . . you want to make something of it? You might say they are the Jimmy Cagney of cattle breeds (ask your grandma).

    Animals sold for freezer have been given no antibiotics. They never need any. They virtually never get sick. Unlike the poor beasts whose lot in life is the feedlot, where they stand up to their knees in a mire of their own excrement, needing regular doses of antibiotics to keep them alive until the supplemented growth hormones hurry them to market, Green Arpents Belties live their whole lives outside in large fields, hiding their newborns in old woods and gorging on windfalls from unsprayed apple trees.

    Lower Cholesterol than Other Breeds
    Protected by two layers of hair coat, the Galloway has no need of a thick layer of fat to conserve heat. As a result, she efficiently converts feed into a compact carcass of very finely marbled, low-cholesterol meat, dressing 60 percent. The dressed weight refers to the hanging weight of a carcass, with head, hide, hooves and entrails removed. Belted Galloways produce a higher percentage ratio of desirable meat to waste than other breeds, which typically dress only fifty percent.

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    Natural free-range lamb and Tunis sheep also available.

    There is virtue in the cow; she is full of goodness; the whole landscape looks out of her soft eyes.
    I had rather have the care of good cattle than be the keeper of the seal of the nation.
    John Burroughs